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“One of the best and most important decisions I made when starting to create HOTELAB was choosing Tú Marcas la Diferencia.
The work process is exciting and one of a kind. They guide you and accompany you with the aim of highlighting how you want your company to be perceived. In my case, it was a business project into which I have poured all of my previous personal and professional experience as well as my enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.

The Tú Marcas la Diferencia team knew how to detect Talent and values in my business with great clarity and professional excellence. All the business branding tools: name, Brand, photographs, verbal content and website are the natural result of in-depth groundwork”

Hotel Consultant


‘Experiencing the Talent to Brand process has allowed me to be perfectly conscious of my strong points. Working together with an empathetic, focused approach and striving for perfection has allowed me to define and create a unique service that suits the needs of my market.

Tú Marcas la Diferencia has helped me start this new stage in my life as an entrepreneur, by developing and implementing a viable and scalable business idea. I now have a Brand to accurately convey the values and messages that I want to project through my e-commerce business.’

Founder and Director of EXPERIENCIAS VÍVELO


“From the first telephone conversation I had with Patricia, I noticed she was empathetic and that the methodology that she used was perfectly in line with the style and approach which I needed in order to convey my services to the market.

The Tú Marcas la Diferencia process is made up of various stages, each one of which provides the client with a unique value, while at the same time allowing Patricia to accurately capture and convey what you want. In addition to all that, she is always by your side to guide you and make the most of your project“

Career Coach and Consultant
Founder and Director of PROBIDEA


“Tú Marcas la Diferencia was a turning point not only in my professional career but also in my personal life. Thanks to the whole process, I identified who I am right now and who I want to be. I also know now what I must do to achieve it. They provided me with several key tools that allow me to clearly and effectively proclaim to the market the added value I offer and what can be expected from me.

Tú Marcas la Diferencia offered me a personal, dynamic and challenging experience which was smooth and pleasant at the same time”

Business Neuro-transformer

“After my long career, I was surprised by the Tú Marcas la Diferencia process, which extracts and defines Talent with 4 or 5 key points. When you think about it, you realise that they have always been in you, they were strong points that constantly guided and inspired your career.

Holistic, very professional and efficient approach. Amazing synthesis ability. They really bring out your essence and, working with it, they build a brand image and supporting documents that are very useful and unique. I think that the present and the future are heading towards these kinds of approaches”.

Expert in TMT and Good Corporate Governance
Business Consultant

“Thanks to the self-awareness process guiding you from your Talent to your Brand which I carried out with Tú Marcas la Diferencia, I managed to communicate to the marketplace my personality and Talent, with which I have been performing my job as a book binder and restorer for over 30 years.

With their support, I managed to transmit my way of work and my professional achievements through my Brand, website, photographs and videos. The process has also provided me with organisation and methodology to develop my business”

Book Binding and Restoration


“I had reinvented myself and had to add relevant content to my new profession. I needed a website which defined me as a coach and expressed the way in which I work.

Tú Marcas la Diferencia worked thoroughly and personally to create a concept and narrative. This allows me to communicate clearly and consistently through my Brand, photographs and website, meaning I can feel confident and can identify with them”

Personal, Executive and Family Coach


“I have gone from working as an architect, an advertiser, a businessman and with the Círculo de Bellas Artes to finally deciding to be a painter. I believe I am a perfect example of a multifaceted person, whose skills have connected favourably.

In my opinion, it is important to develop my brand as a visual identity for my next step. It should display my expectations and help get my work known in the art market”



“Having my own brand, built with my talent and the values of the work I have carried out over the last 30 years, has provided me with distinction and visibility. It is a showcase aimed at my professional market.

Tú Marcas la Diferencia has understood my goals and managed to define and design my brand and communication tools in a functional and elegant way in order to obtain tangible results”

Decorative Painter


“Tú Marcas la Diferencia has expressed my personality and my professional objectives in my Brand in a clear and in-depth way. This allows my Talent and contribution in the physical, mental and spiritual health sector to be known”



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